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Beauty Salon

Case Study: 

5x Return On Total Marketing Spends in 5 months. $53,000 sale from a $10k marketing spends and another 23 booked consultations.

Beauty Salon

The Result:

$53k sale from a $10k total marketing spend

5x Return On TOTAL Marketing Spend

What we did:

Sell High Ticket Non-Surgical Facelift Treatments that cost up to $2,400 per treatment


Our client is an established salon with over 40 years in the market but has never had to pay for advertising. Eventually, they decided to come on board because the market has changed and competitors have been engaging in a price war. They came to us because they didn’t want to compete with what everyone else was doing, they wanted to market their service and stand out as the reliable go-to salon in the state.

Actions and solutions:

The client has spent tens of thousands in SEO over the years but struggled to justify the return they got from this. So they were adamant they would only invest in marketing if they could track the results.

We decided to run Facebook ads because it’s the number 1 strategy and most effective one to get people in through the door.

We built them a full solution that could track the every journey of a prospect that booked in a consultation, this included email nurturing sequences and sms campaigns. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 9.18.13 AM copy.png

The following tactics were key drivers for our client’s Facebook advertising campaign:

Level 1 - We created a 3 level advertising strategy starting out with what we call the Top Of Funnel awareness phase marketing. We reached out to a cold audience and touched on their pain points. We created ads that resonated with their ideal slightly more mature audiences.

This ad here brought in consultation requests at a $20 cost per lead.

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 9.33.17 AM.png

Level 2 - We created a different ad to re-target people that were in the consideration phase.
This ad focused more on showcasing the actual treatments we offered and detailed the benefits of each treatment. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 9.38.15 AM copy.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 9.38.30 AM copy.png

Level 3 - To help get people over the line we used testimonials. Our clients have been fantastic to work with and provided us with amazing testimonials that hit the mark. We noticed having launched this particular testimonial we started getting great results with retargeting people that have recently engaged with the page or Instagram account or have viewed the sales page but didn’t request a consultation.

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 9.42.19 AM copy.png


A year now since working together, our client is constantly booked out and is trying to hire qualified staff to work so they can take on more clients. We have expanded our services to help them with social media content management and email marketing to continue nurturing their existing clients and leads.

Want to grow your business and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your area? 

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Heating Industry

Case Study: 

5x Return On Ad Spend, generating 40-69 leads per week in 6 months

Heating Industry

What we did:

 Company provides installation for heating & insulation in private homes using government grant programs. In the first month, we generated 207 leads resulting in a profit of $3857. In the 3rd month we generated 189 leads with a profit of $5380 from a $591 ad spend. And in month 6, we generated 118 leads resulting in a $16,632 profit from a $1.5k ad spend.

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 12.44.30 PM.png

6 Month Metrics

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 12.45.23 PM.png

We tested a whole bunch of different ad creatives:

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 12.46.15 PM.png

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Organic SkinCare Supplier

Case Study: 

Closed 36 New Stockists With An Initial Order Value Worth $44k. With Each Stockist Ordering An Average Order Value of $6-10k over the year, that’s a potential of $216k sales a year.

Organic SkinCare Supplier

skincare products

What we did:

Onboard New Stockists For An New Organic SkinCare Brand


Our client is an established trainer in the beauty industry. She started selling organic skincare because of the demand in the market wanting more organic and pure ingredients. When we started working with her she only had a handful of clients and was happy with a handful more clients.

The industry at that stage was only dominated by 2 other major brands and our goal was to help her establish her presence in the market and to help her build up this arm of her business to generate passive income for her.Actions and solutions:

We did a deep drive and researched what others were doing in this industry. We worked hard to identify the key selling points to help convert other brand users and build her brand in the market.

We started off first identifying where she could stand out in the market. It turns out there’s a huge untapped market for smaller home based and single operator salons that couldn’t afford the high opening orders and minimum monthly orders that usually was a  requirement with other big brands.

We did consider Google Ads but found that the number of keywords and searches would not be a viable option so we decided to use that pain point we identified above and run Facebook ads for her.

We built them a full end-to-end solution that could automate and track the journey of a prospect to simplify the lead management process. This included email nurturing sequences and sms campaigns to close the gaps in her marketing.

The following tactics were key drivers for our client’s Facebook advertising campaign:

Step 1 – We had to identify the right type of audience for our client. Given she has never done any Facebook advertising, we worked with a blank canvas. We tested everything from specific interest targeting, to a lookalike audience of her current clients. Eventually, we found the best audience was a lookalike of people that engaged with her Facebook page and Instagram. This was the breakthrough. The client was very creative and had been posting up great content over the years so we had a great audience to work with. 

Step 2 – We tested all possible versions of creatives for this client to find what resonated best with her audience. Over time we identified the best creatives were the ones that showcased her products and highlighted the key selling points in the text in the ad.

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 11.32.09 AM.png

Step 3  – Once we had enough data to work with, we started running retargeting ads. This was the icing on the cake. We brought a lot of leads with a really great cost per lead through our retargeting efforts.

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 11.37.27 AM.png


A year now since working together, our client has found it difficult to keep up with leads. We have since advised her to hire someone to manage the sales process and we are glad she has, that has taken a lot of pressure off her plate and she is now able to focus on growing the business.

We are still working to date on this campaign. We have been refining our strategy as we go along and we are now focusing on running an educational series for therapists to build up a loyal following and a more holistic approach to her marketing.

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Medical OBGYN Specialist

Case Study: 

How We Took A Brick And Mortar Medical Practice And Catapulted Her Practice Into The Digital Realm

The Background:

Dr. Gan is a prominent OBGYN in Penang. She has received numerous accolades from her peers and is a trusted doctor for her patients who hail from all over the world.

Traditionally, the growth of her practice was limited to referrals and word of mouth. Because of the increasingly competitive market within the medical field, it has become important for Dr. Gan to market her services, but more specifically market them well and with accuracy.

The Internet gave her the ability to reach out to more patients with little effort and more impact. Which previously, would have been difficult.


Her main goals were to leverage on the Internet to:

  1. Increase her engagement with both her existing and potential patients;

  2. Raise awareness on women’s health by providing a platform for patients to reach out to her and provide them with the right knowledge to make informed decisions.

What we had to achieve:

  1. Build a strong online presence.

  2. Use campaigns with language and content appropriate for a professional and reputable medical practice. We could not run the same promotions and adverts that businesses in other industries did.

  3. Build trust and authority through providing responsible education to patients. It was very important to ensure the right messages reach the patients with corresponding needs.

How we did this:

  1. First, we developed a website and adopted best practices to help rank the page well on Google. (​

  2. Next, we optimized the website by adding backlinks on highly relevant directories, including Google My Business, What Clinic, BookDoc.

  3. Then, we shifted our focus to driving traffic to Dr Gan’s website. We went through a range of different marketing activities including Facebook ad campaigns, Google ads and email marketing campaigns. We decided to focus our efforts on Facebook marketing ( This proved to be the most effective method to reach out and engage with new and existing patients. It has also been the best method for generating online word of mouth. We shared lots of educational content and this directly helped with showcasing Dr Gan’s personality and values as a doctor. We ran specific quarterly Facebook Advertising campaigns to raise awareness on a selected topic. The first quarter was focused on raising awareness on late childbearing, while the next quarter zoomed in on the topic of infertility and pregnancy. The most recent and current ongoing campaign we are running is on raising awareness of the importance of a yearly gynecological health check.

As a result of our efforts, we have grown Dr Gan’s page likes organically to 1252 over the last 9 months.

  1. Email marketing was another very effective tool for us. They are a great way to keep in touch with her existing patients, and a great way to send out reminders when they are due. This has significantly helped increased patient retention rates.

dr. gan.PNG

The horizon of success:

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr. Gan. Credit goes to her for working so closely with us, and continuously providing feedback on our campaigns to make our efforts better each day.

This partnership coupled with a strong integrated strategy and the power of Facebook advertising, has proven to be a solid marketing method that enhances the ways medical practitioners can reach out to patients.

In about 9 months of marketing, Dr. Gan has seen a 15% increase in revenue from prior years. She now ranks on the first page of Google when people look for an OBGYN in Penang.

Her well-optimized Facebook presence has helped with SEO ranking and building authority and traffic to Dr. Gan’s website. This essentially created more shelf space for her web presence and we are now receiving up to 3.4k visits a month to her website.

This project has given us the opportunity to not only help Dr. Gan achieve her goals, but to also help change the lives of many people.

Want to grow your business and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your area? 

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Aesthetic Clinic

Case Study: 

18x Return On Total Marketing Spend. 45 appointments on average a month with a single treatment service price at $799 using ChatBots.

Aesthetic Clinic

What we did:

We grew a brand new solo startup clinic with no clientele to generate on average 45 appointments a month with services at a price point of $799. That's an average $36k sales a month. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 12.06.27 PM copy.png


Our challenge here was to build a brand new clinic off the ground with no existing clientele or branding behind her. We decided to help her be a solo entrepreneur and build her single modality business from the ground up.

Actions and solutions:

We knew with this client we couldn't go down the traditional route of lead generation because she worked on her own and it was almost impossible to get her to follow up on leads whilst she had to treat her clients and manage the business.

What we did was to build her an interactive automated chatbot, that would save her time by answering a lot of the frequently asked questions without her having to do this herself. This allowed her to showcase her results, the impressive before/afters she was achieving for her clients without violating Facebook’s advertising policy.

The following tactics were key drivers for our client’s Facebook advertising campaign:

Step 1 - We built out a comprehensive chatbot that addresses the common questions: 

For example:

  • How does this treatment work?

  • Where are you located?

  • How much does this cost?

  • Before/Afters?

  • Do you have payment plans?

We also built in an online booking system directly from the chatbot to help save time so customers could book directly.

This entire system was very interactive and encouraged audiences to be more engaged and allowed them to communicate instantly with my client if they had a question. This worked well with my client because she was able to get back to them when it suited her without having to try to call them to follow up. 

Step 2 - We tested all possible versions of creatives for this client to find what resonated best with her audience. We found that because her treatment was still relatively new in the market, we had to showcase the treatment with a video ad so people understood what it was all about. This worked to her advantage because there was a common misconception about the treatment that it was dangerous and it hurt. This specific ad proved to be the breakthrough ad for her.

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 12.26.35 PM copy.png


It’s been 2 years since we have been working together, and our campaigns are still running with great results. In fact we are now able to reduce our average cost per message to $4 from $7 over time. 

We have also expanded our audiences to include the LGBTQ community and this has been getting great responses as often beauty treatments are only targeted at women.

Over the last 2 years, we have built up a huge database of people on FB Messenger so when we need to run an occasional promo during the quieter seasons we could do so easily with sponsored messages and this helped significantly to boost up cash flow and bring existing clients and prospects alike into her clinic.

Want to grow your business and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your area? 

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Case Study: 

Ironfish South Yarra, a property investment provider based here in Melbourne, Australia sought us out to help them market their new project launches and get leads for their branch.


Real Estate Case Study Summary

2022 was a tough year around the world, and Australian real estate was no different.

According to CoreLogic’s data in September 2022, Australia’s property market continues to decline as interest rates hit.  Despite all this, we still had a steady run with lead generation and positive conversion rates.

The Client:

Ironfish South Yarra, a property investment provider based here in Melbourne, Australia sought us out to help them market their new project launches and get leads for their branch.

They were also interested in recruiting bi-lingual speaking, highly driven individuals as their property investment strategists to help them grow the business. 

The Results:

Real Estate: Through a targeted 9-month Facebook paid ad campaign, we generated over 352 real estate leads at an average Cost Per Lead of $47 across the board on different projects.

The lowest is at $14.10 per lead for a new project listed in a prime, in-built area of Melbourne. This goes to show the project that we take on has a huge impact as well on conversion and lead costs.

The positive conversion from all leads generated is at about 5%. Due to the sensitive nature of the projects, we aren’t able to disclose the earnings or pricing publicly.

Recruitment:  Our campaigns were aimed at recruiting Mandarin or Vietnamese-speaking candidates to target the growing population of investors and migrants in Australia. We generated 65 candidates at $71 per submission and these team members made good sales numbers this year.

What are real estate leads?

A lead here is considered a potential customer or client that has the potential of buying our client’s off-the-plan properties. When lead generation strategies are done well, they can lead to an increase in not only revenue but brand awareness and authority.

Key highlights & observations:

We generally recommend clients have a strong omnichannel marketing strategy, including TOP OF FUNNEL strategies like webinars, MIDDLE OF FUNNEL direct property/project ad funnels, and BOTTOM OF FUNNEL Retargeting Strategies coupled with strong lead nurturing sequences.

However, given that the client's headquarter handles their webinars and pre-market events, we decided to be aggressive with our strategy and use Facebook ads as the main channel for driving real estate leads.

Facebook ads for real estate have seen a much higher-than-average conversion rate as the ads tend to be more direct and visually appealing. We have found the best way to get higher-intent clients is by going broad with the targeting and excluding certain audiences that aren’t our ideal market.

At the same time, retargeting serves a great purpose to get leads that have opted in to attend the pre-market launches. Given that property has a long decision-making cycle, it’s crucial that real estate agents stay front of mind throughout from research to sale.

Feel free to request a FREE strategy session so we can discuss your goals and find out if we are a good fit to help you.



B2B Highly Targetted Cold Outreach Program

Case Study: 

Why Cold Email And Linkedin/Social Cold Outreach Works!

Project Background

Our client has a unique product and service offering, the CNC customized (3D Imaging) medical prosthetic hair restoration service, and has the license to service the Boston and greater Boston areas.

The goal is to build strong medical referral networks for the client to expand his reach locally and let more people know of the options available in the market for hair loss and hair restoration, especially for women.

Each CNC system can cost between $6k – $12k; hence, one referral network created is very valuable in the long run.

CNC is basically a Non-surgical Hair Restoration using state-of-the-art 3D imaged robotic technology.  A clone membrane (a second skin scalp prosthesis infused with raw virgin hair) is developed in our factory in Italy to give clients the full and gorgeous hair they have always dreamed of having in the crown and is completely undetectable.

See the transformation below!

What elements do we need to start our cold outreach via email and socials?

a) a base of prospects (including email addresses, first and last name,  position of the person, company name/size, location information)
b) a well-crafted personalized copy of our cold emails and cold social outreach
c) loads of time and persistence, or some automation tools like to help us get the job done better and quicker.

Stage 1: Building The Hypothesis

First, we needed to research the potential prospects we could build a referral network with or were likely to have patients that required our client’s service/product. 

We decided to reach out to Cancer & Support associations, Alopecia associations, Trichotillomania associations, Plastic surgeons that work with hair transplant patients, Dermatologists, Medspas, and other non-surgical hair replacement/restoration centres.

We started to build out a list of prospects for each category using Linkedin, Instagram, FB, Alignable & Email.

During this time frame, we worked on warming up our email accounts that we created using burner domains we purchased to ensure they do not end up in spam, increasing our email open rates.


Stage 2: Testing Various Approaches

Once we had a database of companies, we needed to automate the process of contacting many businesses we identified above. We configured a dedicated campaign for each business category mentioned above to track the data.

Once the emails and social outreach campaigns went out, we tested various templates/scripts to see which generated the best results. We also analyzed the responses to understand which industries and templates performed best.

We tend to personalize our outreach based on the audiences we are reaching out to. We go through their bios, websites, some news sources (for brands), and their articles, accolades, etc, that can be found on their websites, profiles, or Google news.

We also set up automated follow-up sequences for prospects that did not open or respond accordingly.

As a general rule, our outreach scripts follow these templates/frameworks:

a) content makes perfect sense for your target group,

b) provides some value to them or generates curiosity (what we call pattern interrupt) or touches on their desire/pain point, and

c) ends with a clear call to action or a question that starts a conversation.

The CTA should be the answer to a crucial question our addressee will be asking themselves, that is: “What do they want from me?”

We love using case studies in the first or follow-up messages/emails as that skyrockets the trust among prospects!

Here’s an example of an initial outreach message we sent to a trichotillomania specialist:

Preliminary results after Stage 1 and 2

At this point, some groups and messaging showed more promising results than others on different platforms.

From all the different groups of people we reached out to, we got a lot of positive responses from:
– Associations & Support Groups
– Medical Spas

We also noticed that when it came to scripting, when we mentioned our client’s system was covered by insurance, that increased the positive response rates from potential referral networks we reached out to. Case studies and photos showcasing our client’s work helped significantly in getting and building social proof and authority.

We send 1200-3000 emails weekly and about 1000-1200 social outreach a week, and our open rate remains at least 70-85% on average for email response rate within a 1-5% mark.

With a proper target audience and email template, we were ready to scale up our campaign.


Stage 3: Doubling Down On The Most Promising Categories

After establishing an effective outreach method and seeing results, we started focusing on what was working and scaling our efforts to other locations where our client is licensed to serve.

During the active prospecting phase, we continued searching for prospects in categories with the highest response rate. We expanded our platforms to include another social platform, in this case, the Alignable app.

Key takeaways

The whole highly personalized approach to cold outreach stems from the two guide principles that make your prospect love you instead of hating you:

Rule #1: Create a personal message because you’re sending it to a personal business mailbox or inbox, where personal messages usually come.

Rule #2: Sending that message, show your addressee that you actually DO give a damn about them before you assume they will give a damn about you.

By following the two rules each time we see excellent results very quickly!

Final Results

For our client campaign, over 7 weeks, we generated 27 positive responses from our outreach efforts. That’s, on average, between 1-3% positive responses from total outreach numbers across multiple platforms.

From that, we booked 8 referral network appointments for our client, with about 18 others still in the pipeline waiting to be booked in the coming month.

(See appendix image below)

If you want to learn more about our B2B Cold Outreach Program, feel free to contact us today!

If you’re not leveraging your business with cold outreach, there’s a lot of untapped conversion potential in your future. If your cold outreach has not been successful, maybe you need to take a new approach.

Cold emailing and cold social outreach at scale can work – you just need to apply the right strategy.




B2B Cold Outreach: Complete Corporate Wellness

Case Study: 

Generating Appointments for EAP Program with Large Corporates

Project Background

Complete Corporate Wellness is a leading provider of employee assistance programs (EAP) in Australia. They offer comprehensive wellness solutions to companies of all sizes, helping them create a healthy and engaged workforce. To expand their client base and drive growth, they partnered with LYL Marketing to implement a targeted B2B cold outreach campaign.


At LYL Marketing, we specialize in hyper-personalized, multi-touchpoint cold outreach strategies. Understanding the unique needs of Complete Corporate Wellness, we crafted a customized plan to engage large corporates and generate qualified sales leads for their EAP program. Our approach consisted of strategic cold calling, cold emailing, and LinkedIn outreach.

Execution and Results:

Over a period of two months, our dedicated team executed the cold outreach campaign with precision and consistency.

Here are the key results achieved:

  1. Highly Qualified Sales Leads: Through our targeted efforts in 2 months, we were able to generate 14 highly qualified corporate sales leads for Complete Corporate Wellness. These leads demonstrated a genuine interest in their EAP program and were eager to learn more about the benefits it could offer their employees.
  2. Positive Response Rate: Our multi-touchpoint approach yielded an overall positive response rate of 10% from the total outreach messages sent. This indicates a strong level of engagement and interest from the prospects, showcasing the effectiveness of our personalized messaging and value proposition.
  3. Email Deliverability and Open Rates: We maintained an impressive email deliverability rate of 90+%, ensuring that our messages reached the intended recipients' inboxes. Additionally, our carefully crafted emails achieved open rates ranging from 40% to 50%, well above industry averages. This high engagement demonstrated the relevance and effectiveness of our communication.
  4. Sales Call Attendance: The 14 qualified leads generated through our cold outreach efforts showed a high level of commitment and interest in Complete Corporate Wellness. They attended scheduled sales calls with the client to delve deeper into the EAP program and explore potential partnerships.


Through our hyper-personalized, multi-touchpoint cold outreach approach, we successfully assisted Complete Corporate Wellness in expanding their reach and generating highly qualified sales leads. The results speak for themselves, with 14 interested corporate clients engaging in meaningful conversations about their EAP program. Our strategies not only achieved a positive response rate but also demonstrated excellent email deliverability and open rates.

By leveraging our expertise in B2B cold outreach and tailoring our approach to the specific needs of Complete Corporate Wellness, we were able to deliver tangible results and help them establish valuable connections with large corporates. We continue to work closely with the client, refining and optimizing our strategies to drive further growth and success.





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