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Attracts Ideal Clients – No more deal seekers and tire-kickers. You want the kind who will come for expert, full-price services and stay for years to come!


Gets Leads On Autopilot – Implement a full lead nurturing system that includes integrated automation between funnels, chatbots, email, and voice SMS. 


Nurtures Them To Sale – Research shows it takes seven exposures to get the sale. We help fill the holes in your current system bucket so your leads stay in the bucket long enough to become customers.


Optimizes Campaigns – This system handles things from every point of your campaigns. We’re always testing and tweaking so you get the BEST results possible.

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Controls Information – We create information flows that lead your audience on a specific path to booking. You’ll always know where the information is going and when the audience receives it. This system runs like clockwork!

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Tracks Result – Your team can track your results online with your own private dashboard. You’ll always know exactly what’s going on 24/7!

LYL Marketing Logo, What We Do At LYL Marketing,


Your secret weapon to consistently filling your books with quality clients & patients you want to work with …

You’ve worked hard to build your business, but month-to-month, the growth is not where you had hoped it would be.

You’re getting clients in the door. They love the work you and your team do. You’re working long hours to sustain it and make sure you’re offering the latest in treatments that clients expect.

But then, there are staff schedules to create, stock needs ordering, the accounts need doing, and there are processes to check everyone is adhering to so that quality of service is maintained. And then? You’re supposed to understand the moving parts of digital marketing? Who’s got time for that?

You’re smart. You’ve put the time into your training, and that of your team. But you’re still caught either month-to-month on revenue, or you’ve hit an income plateau and need a way to break through that.

Your services sell. But the big challenge is to get people to hear about them and get those people booking appointments.


Here's what your business is about to look like:

Your brand is the one your ideal customers think of when they’re ready to book.

You have a system to navigate the seasonality and smooth out the revenue bumps that so many of your competitors face.

You never have to rely alone on referrals or word-of-mouth ever again.

You are focusing on building up services you want more of so that you can relax and spend more time doing what you want and enjoying your family.

You are promoting your new services and devices quickly, and getting those flooded with bookings.