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What is the first place on Google worth to your local business?

Firstly, Let’s talk about local SEO. What is local SEO?

In today’s business world, it’s all about being found online. And while many businesses focus on national SEO campaigns, they may be missing out on a key opportunity to reach new customers – local SEO.

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your online presence to reach customers in your specific geographic area. And while it may seem like a small thing, Local SEO has a surprising impact on your local business.

Local SEO is a specific means of search engine optimization focused on improving web page search outcomes within a specific area. If your company relies heavily on consumers in a specific geographic region (E.g local brick and mortar stores), local SEO can be the difference between your company surviving and flourishing.

Utilize local SEO and work with Google to improve rankings

It would make sense to argue that conversions matter more than rankings, but if the company isn’t ranked on the first page of Google search results, conversions will naturally be low. For most businesses, ranking and conversions are closely related.

Increasing local SEO success relies on enhancing relevance, distance and prominence. These are the three types of values Google uses to rank local search results. It’s always smart to update your company’s Google My Business profile in order to attract more local customers.

1. Relevance

The relevance to a search engine is the extent to which your website and company address the needs and interests of your target audience. Providing lots of information about your business and your website on your site is crucial for achieving and maintaining good relevance.

2. Proximity

Proximity is how close your business is to the searcher’s exact location. If a user does not specify a specific location in their search, Google uses their location based on their IP address to prioritize nearby listings. Adding the specification “near me” in a search leads to similar results.

3. Prominence

Google’s derivation of prominence is how well-known a company is believed to be both on and offline. By looking at offline sources, including a business’s score on platforms like Yelp and online reviews, and Google’s knowledge on the Internet, the search engine calculates a company’s prominence. Increasing the number of quality reviews for your business will improve ratings. Interacting and responding to online ratings also boosts your prominence.

Traditional SEO vs. Local SEO: Which Does Your Business Need?

So how do you know which type of SEO to do to make your website more search engine friendly?

Both traditional online marketing and local advertising have the goal of driving traffic to your website to improve its visibility and attract more customers. However, they differ in terms of relevance. Let me explain this in further detail below.

Traditional SEO doesn’t have a geographic focus

With traditional SEO, there is no geographic focus – the business needs to show up everywhere, to all potential customers. Think of a traditional eCommerce website. With traditional SEO, visibility in search results is primarily determined by the content on your site and links from other sites pointing to your site.

Local SEO on the other hand, targets search results in a particular (geographical) area

Local SEO is needed by any business that does face-to-face business with customers in a certain geographic area. Think of restaurants, plumbers, piano teachers, beauty salons, doctors etc.

With Local SEO, the goal is to increase search visibility in a specific geographic area.

The physical location of the searcher in the real world will influence the results displayed in searches. E.g, if you are in Melbourne city and you looked up a restaurant in Melbourne, Google would naturally show you the results of restaurants around you. Local search queries often include geo-modifiers (like the name of a city or a phrase like “near me”) after the search term , but they don’t have to include location modifiers. Google has studied searcher behavior and has realized that searches in certain verticals will always have local intent.

How Can We Help You Rank At The Top Locally?

With our new patented technology, we’re able to automate your SEO so you can start getting found organically by people ACTIVELY searching for your service around your local area!

So how does it work on Local business?⁣⁣

  • We deploy dozens of service-specific, geo-targeted local Landing Pages. It’s just like placing a billboard on every street corner for your business. ⁣⁣

  • We optimize your Google My Business page to rank higher in search in your immediate suburb and then rapidly expand your presence in your wider service area within the Google Local Pack⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

  • We build high-quality citations (online business Listings ) for your business on the world’s most powerful search engines, social networks, voice technologies, directories, and data aggregators⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

Our technology automatically sends signals to Boost the proximity of your GMB listing⁣

The combination of Landing Pages and GMB boosting and optimisations, puts your business in front of more organic and map searchers so that you can generate more leads⁣⁣

This is no BS marketing tactic, each client has exclusivity to our system up to a 10-20km radius. That’s right, we will not work with your competitors within the radius so you get to stay ahead!


In conclusion, if you run a local business, start with local SEO. It’s the most effective way to reach new customers and grow your business. Plus, it’s affordable and easy to do. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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