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The Importance of BEFORE and AFTER Photos & Mastering the Art of It


In the aesthetic industry, nothing speaks more volumes than a good before and after photo. While prospective patients and customers may care about a provider’s education, 5-star reviews, a practitioner’s training or experience, or state-of-the-art technology, nothing quite compares to the impact excellent before and after photos have when choosing an aesthetic provider. Whether you’re a plastic surgeon, a laser clinic, a dermatologist, or a medical spa, almost every aesthetic business owner or practitioner can agree that most of their website traffic comes from their before and after gallery page.

Why? Potential customers want to see realistic expectations for the treatments they are considering. The leading tool for converting consultations into booked appointments is before and after photos. Patients want to see what you can do before making a decision, and before and after photos do the best job of setting realistic expectations.

How to MASTER the Art of Before/After photos?

1) Always get patient consent and have a consent form.
2) Background: Always use the same background.
3) Positioning: Always have the patients in the same position each shot. Place tape marks on the floor to indicate the location where they stand and use a tripod the ensure the same level. Avoid zooming in and out.
4) Lighting: Natural light isn’t always best. Invest in a studio lightening kit or ring lights. Lighting – A make or break feature for capturing the best photos is lighting. Natural light is great, but don’t rely on it always being available. Avoid using the built-in flash on your camera.

 Instead, invest in fluorescent, white lighting, or even a studio lighting kit.

Ring lights are a great option as they provide efficient lighting around a subject while mitigating the appearance of unpleasant shadows.

Look for an LED ring light with while bulbs to mimic natural daylight and bring out your patient’s natural skin tone.

When setting up your lighting, place all light fixtures in front of the camera and never behind the photographer.


Last but not least, you must showcase the photos you take. Sharing those photos on your website, social media, and marketing will take your business to the next level.

Before we jump into posting photos on the world wide web, it’s important to first share your photos directly with the patient. Doing so will assure them that their investment and decision to choose you over other competitors was well worth the results.

Share your photos on your website:

Sharing before and after photos on your website is an absolute must!

Create a dedicated page on your website with a gallery of your before and after photos. More importantly, don’t forget to use relevant alt tags and captions on each photo to boost your SEO and search engine ranking.

Share Your Before/Afters On Social Media:

When uploading photos to your social profiles, be sure to include before and after results of various treatments and patients of all shapes, sizes, and skin types.

Remember who your target audience is and appeal to them. Prospective clients want to see results from people who look like them.

Note: If you offer surgical treatments, be mindful of your audience and be sure to edit, cover, or blur any unnecessary nudity from a photo.

Don’t forget to post them on your Google My Business as well. Many businesses forget the importance of keeping up their Google My Business profile.

That’s all for now! Hope you have found this post useful.

For more info:

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