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Navigating Seasonal Trends In The Beauty Business

Beauty Business

If you had a crystal ball that showed you the exact time to launch a new campaign, increase ad spend, or change your marketing strategy to capture leads, wouldn’t that be great?

Speaking to most beauty center owners, they’d say January is a quiet time for the business. Post-Christmas rush, everyone is trying to get back on their feet, many might still be on their holidays or preparing their kids for school and so on.

So what you can do is to look at your historical sales data. If you are expecting business to slow down, now is the time to increase your advertising spend and think about creatives ways to bring in more customers.

Here’s what I would recommend to help you through the seasonalities in the beauty business:


There’s No Such Thing As Seasonality Yes. It’s all about the mindset. Setting yourself up with the idea “you are going to have a quiet month” is setting yourself up for trouble. What I’d say is, you are in control of what happens. Be prepared, look for ways to diversify. We can offset seasonality by being as innovative as possible. For example, summer is probably the time most customers won’t come in for a laser treatment, but that doesn’t mean, you can’t focus your marketing on other services like body sculpting treatments which would be perfect for the season.


Stay In Touch With Customers Use your off-season wisely. Look for ways to stay in touch with your clients and maintain their interest in what you have to offer. This way, they are primed to do business with you once your season ramps up again. If you plan to do any promotions, reach out sooner rather than later and look for ways to entice prospects to do business with you during the off-seasons. You can think of running contests or even a “refer a friend” program. Consider gathering and publishing reviews to build up credibility. Perform a customer satisfaction survey and collect feedback from customers to use this in your marketing.


Find A Partner In Crime Boost sales during your low season by forming a partnership with other businesses that’s busy when yours isn’t. For instance, wedding companies in Australia are busy in March/April and October/November, so you could find creative ways to cross-promote each other. Wedding couples, for example, can get a coupon for a facial treatment just before their wedding event. Or perhaps consider partnering up with businesses in the tourism industry. Target travelers that might be coming in from overseas during the holiday seasons with a pampering package for their customers.


Continue Creating Extraordinary Content And Use This Time To Grow Your Database It may seem intimidating to add database growth to your to-do list, but your off-season success depends on your productivity during this time. One of the proven ways is to maintain relevance is by having a blog or being extra active on social media. Get people to follow your page or subscribe to your newsletters to start building out an audience. Don’t stop publishing your articles in the low season, assuming no one is reading! Just because customers are laying low, doesn’t mean they won’t be interested in the information you have to give. Many will look for inspiration when they are ready to jump back into action.



Great, that’s all for now folks. Hope you found this useful.

If you need a had with your advertising for your aesthetic centre, salon or Medspa just reach out to us!

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