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Essential Checklist for Email Deliverability

To ensure your cold emails land in the right inbox and don’t end up in the dreaded spam folder, here’s a comprehensive checklist for email deliverability in 2024:

1. Secure a New Domain for Cold Emailing:

To protect your primary domain’s reputation, it’s advisable to acquire a separate domain for cold outreach. This minimises the risk of affecting your organisation’s overall domain health.

2. Configure DMARC, SPF & DKIM Records for All Domains:

Implementing these authentication protocols across your domains establishes credibility and reduces the likelihood of your emails being flagged as spam.

3. Redirect Your New Domain to Your Main Website:

After acquiring a new domain, redirect it to your primary website to ensure seamless access for prospects seeking additional information.

4. Create New Email Addresses on the New Domain:

Personalise your email accounts and limit your daily email quota to maintain sender reputation.

5. Warm Up Your New Email Addresses:

Utilise warm-up tools to demonstrate your legitimacy as a sender before commencing cold outreach.

6. Streamline Your Email Signature:

Keep your email signature concise and professional, including only essential information.

7. Ensure Clear Unsubscribe Options:

Facilitate easy opt-out procedures to maintain recipient trust and prevent emails from being marked as spam.

8. Gradually Scale Email Volume:

Increase email volume gradually to avoid triggering spam filters and maintain engagement rates.

9. Schedule Email Sends for Natural Frequency:

Space out automated email sends to mimic human behavior and avoid overwhelming recipients.

10. Validate Email Addresses Before Sending:

Run your email list through a verification tool to eliminate invalid addresses and minimise bounce rates.

11. Check Messaging for Spam Triggers:

Prioritise running your email content through a spam word checker to eliminate potentially harmful phrases.

12. Incorporate Spintax for Variation:

Introduce subtle variations in your email content using Spintax to enhance personalisation and reduce the risk of flagging by email providers.

13. Regularly Refresh Email Copy:

Update your email templates monthly to maintain freshness and relevance.

14. Limit Email Frequency per Prospect:

Avoid overwhelming prospects with excessive email sequences to foster meaningful interactions.

In conclusion, successful cold emailing requires a combination of empathy, strategy, and attention to detail.


Want to Learn More?

Mastering Cold Emailing: A Comprehensive Guide for 202 – Click below to download 

In the realm of digital communication, email remains a powerful tool for reaching out to potential prospects. However, the art of crafting compelling cold emails requires finesse and strategy. In this “MASTERING COLD EMAILING GUIDE” we created, we’ll delve into the essential elements of effective cold emailing in 2024, tailored to resonate with Australian audiences

By following this comprehensive guide, you can maximise your chances of crafting compelling cold emails that resonate with your prospects and drive meaningful engagement. Remember, the key lies in delivering concise, relevant, and personalised messages that add value to the recipient’s inbox.


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