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Client reactivation. Don’t leave money on the table with inactive clients.


How many of your clients haven’t returned to your practice in six months or more?

Every practice loses track of clients, but the more successful ones keep more of their clients engaged and happy to return regularly.

Client reactivation is now easier than ever, thanks to various communication tools. The best reactivation efforts though – the ones that get more clients to come back, and more quickly – are backed by integrated strategies where social media, phone, email and SMS campaigns are working well together.

Today, let’s look at how an integrated SMS and email campaign can help get your inactive clients excited to make another booking at your practice.

You may have received text messages from businesses – safe to say at least some (if not most) of those were automated. What used to be a tedious campaign, where at least one of your staff members will be actually sending messages to each client and following up with them, can now be a breeze thanks to automation.

There are integrated SMS and email marketing tools that allow you to launch a reactivation campaign without breaking a sweat. You just check in with inactive clients via SMS and ask how they’re doing. Remind them that you care about them and are committed to helping them achieve their desired results, then ask them to simply reply “Yes” if they want you to give them a call to organise their next booking.

I won’t bore you with all the behind-the-scenes and nitty gritty details on how it’s done – the most important thing is understanding why you need an integrated SMS and email campaign to continue engaging and inspiring your clients, particularly those who haven’t been to your practice in the past six months.

It’s because a carefully thought-out integrated SMS and email campaign can help you show inactive clients that you care about them even though you haven’t heard from them in months.

It’s also because most people are busy and time-poor. Your clients – especially inactive ones – need help to make their lives easier. A well-executed SMS and email campaign makes it easy for them to re-engage with you, whether they’re ready to make a booking now or next month.

Clients thoughts

Some clients will tell you that they haven’t returned to your practice because something came up, like issues with their job/finances or they’ve relocated. In those cases, you can show empathy in your reply, which will only make them feel good about your business and keep you in mind when they’re in a better position or if they know someone who could benefit from your expertise.

If your practice has inactive client that you want to re-engage, leave a comment below – or reach out via SMS.

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